Women’s Day

International women’s day is observed every year on 8 th March. This year the theme of this day was Balance for Better. DTEA Senior secondary School RK Puram celebrated the day with the theme women empowerment. Samridhi Sharma of class 8B gave a speech in English expressing her views on contributions and sacrifices made by women. Sakshi Singh of class 8B recited a poem in Hindi on the various roles played by women in their life.


The 70th Republic Day celebrated with great vigor and zeal in our school on 25th of January 2019 to commemorate the coming of its own constitution into force. The teachers and students took an oath to abide by our constitution and serve our nation. This was followed by a speech in English by Anamika(XIA), a patriotic song in Tamil by Choir Girls, a Tamil skit on VeerapandiaKattabomanby Students of Class VIII & IX. Jyoti of class XIA gave speech in Hindi.Our tiny tots presented a beautiful dance signifying the integration and secular nature of our constitution. Karen Lazer& Abraham leo of class XI A presented a Questionnaire on the facts of our Nation.Our principal Mrs. ChitraVasagam in her address emphasized on duties towards nation than our rights and to live in unity and harmony.

IUAC Foundation Day Celebration

Our School gave an opportunity to students to visit IUAC on 19th December 2018. Students of class XI B M.Sushantika, Shefali Gupta, Twinkle Tiwari, &Shruti Srivastava along with physics teacher MsPoonamAhalawat attended 29th Foundation day of IUAC(Inter University Accelerator Centre).They interacted with eminent scientists and enjoyed ecperiments and visited Centre. Prof.Dr.Archana Sharma Principal Scientist at CERN Switzerland was the Chief Guest and delivered lecture on Adventures of a Particle Physicist and why you should care.

Bharathiyaar Birth Anniversary Celebration

Our School Celebrated the Great Tamil Poet BharathiyaarBirth Anniversary on 12th of December.Our students of Class XI performed a beautiful dance on his poem “Sindunathiyin Misai”.Followed by a speech in Tamil by Aditya of Class X. Our Tiny Tots also narrated few lines from his famous poems in Tamil. Our Principal Mrs. Chitra Vasagam spoke in Tamil stating that students should read his poems & proverbs to gain the knowledge and to understand the glory of our Nation.

Tiny Tots Day Out

The tiny tots of DTEA Sr. Sec School R K Puram had an altogether different experience today when they visited Joy Gaon. All the 157 students of the primary classes went for a picnic to Joy Gaon, Jhajjar a perfect destination of this kind with adventurous rides, exiting games, dance, music, yummy food and much more. Kids' enjoyment started right from the bus ride. They took everything with an amazement and were with full energy till they reached back the school.While appreciating this opportunity, the Secretary DTEA Shri. R. Raju said that, this kind of optimistic diversion is much awaited and needed for the overall development of a child. The boundless joy in the faces of these children is worthy to behold.

National Education Day

National Education Day is an annual observance in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad,the first education minister of independent India, who served from 15 August 1947 until 2 February 1958.
DTEA Sr. Sec. School R.K Puram observed the day with programmes in the morning assembly.Aditya of class X-B gave a speech in English on the contributions of Abul kalam Azad in the Indian Education system. Kavya of class IX B gave a speech in Tamil.Followed by this the colourful butterflies of the primary wing recited some of the popular verses written by Tiruvalluvar on education. Finally a wonderful play was presented by students of class VI to promote the idea of ‘Right to education for girls’.
The programme came to an end with the inspiring words of the Principal of the school Mrs Chitra Vasagam, who said that no wealth is more precious than education. She said that whatever we learn we should learn whole heartedly with full dedication and in time.


On 15/10/2018, DTEA Senior Secondary School, R.K.Puram, organized a morning assembly talk under “Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat”programme on Sikkim State. PriyankaBaloni of Class XII – A gave a speech in English.In the speech she highlighted the importance of Sikkim in India and the invaluable contributions made by different personalities of Sikkim in strengthen and developing India. She also threw light on the various festivals celebrated by the people of Sikkim.


“Sport has the power to change the world” said Nelson Mandela. The Zonal Sports and Cultural Meet is an annual celebration of the spirit of hope, courage and faith. The meet is not just about the display of talent, proficiency but also to make our students self-reliant dutiful, disciplined and Socially responsible citizens of the country. DTEA SR SEC SCHOOL RK PURAM was one among 37 schools of the zone to participate in the zonal athletic and cultural meet 2018. Our school bagged a total of 16 prizes in sports and 4 prizes in cultural meet.
S.Aditya got the 3rd prize in the poetry recitation. He also secured 3rdprize in Declamation.Laksh of XII A bagged the 2ndprize in Slogan writing. Sita Rani of class VI A won 1 st prize in the traditional violin playing.Children were encouraged through Prize distribution in the morning assembly. Achievements of the students were appreciated and congratulated by the Principal of the school Mrs. Chitra Vasagam and Vice Principal Mr.A. Thangavelu.


DTEA Sr Sec School RK PURAM was one among 37 schools under zone19 which participated in the science exhibition and activities 2018 - 19 at zonal level. Many a number of competitions were conducted in different schools of the zone from 6.8.2018 to 11.9.2018. Our school bagged 3 first prizes and 1 second prize and got selected for centre level. G. Karthikeyani and M.Ajay Kumar of XI B won First prize in the science exhibition for the model ‘ Bountiful natures, magical herbs VS drugs under the guidance of Mrs A. Selvi PGT Biology. G. Shweta and Vanitha K of XII B won first position in the science exhibition with the exhibit ‘Vehicle cabin alerting and monitoring system under the guidelines of Ms. Poonam Ahlawat PGT Physics. Aditya S of X B secured first position in the science seminar by presenting the Topic ‘IR 4.0. Are we prepared? under the guidelines of P. Nandini PGT Chemistry. Shreyas Raj of VII A, Sita Rani K of VI A won second position with an exhibit under the theme Health and Cleanliness with the valuable guidance of Mrs Uma Maheshwari TGT Science.
There are many more science competitions in which our students participated and results are awaited.The efforts of the meritorious students and the Guide teachers were appreciated by the DTEA President Mr. Sooriya Narayanan, Hon’ry Secretary Mr. R. Raju, Jt. Secretary Mr. William Raj, G.B Member Mr. Paramasivam, PTA President Mr. Suresh Kumar, PTA Secretary Mr. V. Kannan and Principal of the school Mrs . Chitra Vasagam.


Our School celebrated Literacy Day on 10th of September 2018.The importance of celebrating the day is to promote the public consciousness about extraordinary value of written word and requirement to encourage the literate rate of the society. The program started with a Speech in English by Maanvi of class X stating why to promote the human attention towards the literacy and know their rights for social and human development. Then Abhishek of class XI A shared certain facts. Anshika of class Xi shared her views in Hindi. Our Principal Mrs.Chitra Vasagam shared few points stating how to improve literacy in students ,by Ensuring mistakes are being picked up in students' work across all subjects, setting a reading challenge, creating a reading wall, &Give students the time to properly invest in what they're writing.

Winter Holiday Home Work 2018-2019
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HINDI DIWAS Celebration

On 14thSeptember 1949 the Constituent Assembly of India declared that Hindi, scripted in the Devanagari script, is the Republic of India’s official language.Hindi Diwas is celebrated to rejoice the day Hindi became the official language of our country. It is a great step to emphasize the importance of a widely spoken language of our nation as well as our culture.It is also observed each year to stress upon the importance of Hindi and promote it amid the generation.
DTEA Sr.Sec.School RK Puram celebrated this day with great enthusiasm and zeal in the morning assembly. The programme began with an introduction in the form of a conversation between Deepali and ChynikaKainof IX B to highlight the importance of Hindi. Compering was done by Khushi of class XII A. Urvashi Baloni of class XI A gave information on why this day is celebrated to the students through a speech in Hindi. Followed by her Ruchika of class X A brightened the stage with her mesmerizing dance performance on a song “Hindi chatrahindikahai”. Then Shreyas Raj and Sujal of VII A recited a poem in Hindi titled “ Hindi se sammanhai”. Students from theprimary wing brought out the beauty of Hindi Language through a skit titled “ JahanChahWahan Rah”. Then students from VI to VIII sang a song on Hindi with bongo played by Gabriel of class VI A.
The programme came to an end with the words of Principal of the school Mrs. ChitraVasagam and Vice Principal Mr. Thangavelu. They said that Hindi Diwas is a day to revisit our cultural roots and celebrate its richness.We should respect and value it. They appreciated the teachers and students for putting up a wonderful programme and also encouraged students to give their contribution in preserving our heritage.


DTEA SR SEC SCHOOL, RK PURAM celebrated Teacher’s Day on Sept 5th 2018 with full zeal & enthusiasm. “ A good Teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination & instill a love for Learning”. Students took great efforts & ensured that all the Teachers enjoyed every minute of their day. In the morning assembly program started with an English & Hindi Speech by Anupama(XII B)& Riya(XII A). Priyanka (XII A) &Jeevika(XII C) shared few couplets in Hindi dedicating to Teachers. During the morning session Class XII students dressed up as Teachers & taught the Subjects for Primary & secondary students. In the afternoon session fun filled activities for Teachers were organized by the class XII students. The program started with a melodious song, sung by Sovan(XII A) accompanied by Trikesh(VIII) in the Guitar. Titles were awarded to each Teacher glorifying their qualities, followed by a game where in Teachers had to pick a slip & perform the act mentioned on the dice. The program concluded with our Tiny Tods presenting a Skit in Tamil. Our principal Mrs.ChitraVasagam thanked the students for taking the initiative in maintaining Discipline, decorum & for organizing lively & enjoyable programs.


DTEA Senior Secondary school, R.K Puram had a Magic Show, organised by REC, in the school morning assembly.Officers from REC had come along with a renowned Magician Mr. Karuna Shankar Goga.
The programme began with an anti-corruption pledge. Through the Magic Show he promoted the ideals like cleanliness, conservation of water, corruption free society, tree plantation, unity in diversity etc. Students enjoyed the magic tricks & also understood the values of these ideals in our life.
Principal of the school Mrs. Chitra Vasagam, appreciated the efforts of REC in creating an integrated society. Further she encouraged students to inculcate these values in their life.Programme came to an end with the vote of thanks given by Shweta of class XII B.


72nd Independence day was celebrated on 14-8-2018 in DTEA SR SEC SCHOOL, RKPuram with all its fervour & patriotic spirit to commemorate & salute the martyrs. Students & Teachers worked together enthusiastically to make celebration a great event. Program began with prayer followed by a small welcome quote by vanita and swetha of class XII. Principal of the school Mrs.ChitraVasagam honoured the chief guest Colonel Shankar as he is an old student of DTEA school, praising him for his great achievements in Indian Army & for his contribution towards our school. She also stated that he served the nation & has achieved many awards and said to students that he is an inspiration and encouraged them to become like him. As a gift a sapling was presented to the chief guest.
Then our National Flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest & all sang the National Anthem with pride. National Pledge was led by Krithik of class XII & all the Teachers & Students took the pledge along. The Chief Guest shared the words of Param Veer Chakra awardeeVikramBatraAungazaroor- “ya to Jhandalehrakaraungayajhande me lipatkaraungaLekin aungazaroor “Which is an inspiration to him till date. He told students that they can express gratitude by being good citizens and by being dedicated to the work they do.
After the enlightening words of Colonel Shankar, program began with KodiPattu in Tamil sang by our choir girls. Kavya&Deepika of class XII performed classical dance on VandeMaatram. Keerthiga of class XII gave a speech on Freedom of India. Our tiny tods came dressed as freedom fighters along withquotes . It was followed by a song in Hindi by the primary wing students. Then Sushanthika&Shefali of class XI sang a patriotic song “ AbTumhareHawale Ye WatanSathiyon”. A fusion dance was performed on patriotic songs by 6 students of class XII. Finally the program came to an end with Vote of Thanks by the Vice Principal of the School Mr.AThangavelu who congratulated the students & teachers for putting up the wonderful show.


DTEA RKP had a workshop on 31/7/2018 overcoming ignorance.It was organized by the Integrity Club of the School. Resource person Mr. Sanjay Kumar had come to give lecture on inculating integrity.Our Hon Secretary Mr Raju also addressed the resource person. Mr.Sanjay then sensitized students to be responsible citizens of our Country. It was done in two shifts, first shift was for integrity club members from class vi to viii. Second shift had club members from classes ix to xii. It was an enriching lecture. Students actively shared their experiences and were very eager to learn more about inculating integrity through their day to day activities.
On 20/8/2018 our students from class vi to viii prepared model regarding cleanliness and students from class ix & xii presented a presentation on cleanliness and they also gathered many information by going to different places near school as a field trip.For the prepared model and presentation our students received prizes from the department of integrity club. Class Xii A won the 1st prize of rs.2000 along with certificate, class vii B and viii A got 2nd prize of rs.1000 along with certificate and class vii A got the consolation prize with certificates.The judges were very happy and congratulated all the participants who showed there interest in the activity.


As per the order from the office of Deputy Director of education Disaster management training programme was organized in DTEA SR SECHOOL RKPuram premises. Team of officials who came for demonstration consisted of Mr.Vinod Bhardwaj and Mr.Satyawan Siva from DDMA. The training programme highlighted useful information about Disaster Management. They gave lecture on the meaning & consequences of disaster and also told children not to panic during such a disaster. During the training programme, the team of officials demonstrated the students how to use fire extinguisher in such a condition.They demonstrated several kinds of seats which could be made using hands(2,3,4 type of seats) for lifting the injured people. The training programme was very useful, thought provoking and the students learnt whole heartedly also got to know how to rescue people from the demonstration given by the officers.


Today on 13-7-2017 our school DTEA SR SEC SCHOOL RK PURAM celebrated the birth anniversary of the great leader Kammarajar. Our principal gave a tribute to the legend by honoring garland to the photo frame of the legend. Then the program began with the comparing which was done by Shweta G &Khushi of Class XII. Students of class IV & V sang a group song in Tamil. Shivaranjini from the primary section recited a small poem in Tamil. A speech was given by Priyanka of class XII on the life history of the great leader. A small Mono Act was performed by Gabriel of class VI &Shreyas Raj of class VII. The achievements of the legend was shared by Kavya&Anupama of class XII. A Group song was sung by the choir group of the school. Our Principal shared her views to the students about the excellence of Kamarajar in Politics & his Civilian awards and told to students to follow his path.


On 28th of April our School celebrated birth anniversary of Kanakasabai Subburathinam who was a well known legendary Tamil poet & well known as Paavendar Bharathidasan. A speech about his lifetime legend was given by Kavya of IX A and Manvi of X B in Tamil and English. Stanley and Jyoti of class X B shared some unique and unknown information about Puratchi Kavingar Bharadhidasan. Then students of class XII A performed a dance on a Tamil song. Children of class V enacted as the legend himself and shared some of his great principles and ideas. They also sang poems written by the poet.
Children were then awarded for their talents in literary works assessed through various competitions. Prizes were given away by Mrs. Saroj Bhargava, PET of the school, Mrs Rukmini Shankar TGT Tamil, Pricipal Mrs Chitra Vasagam, Vice Principal Mr A Thangavel, and Mr Kannan PTA Secretary.
Our Principal said that being Tamilians we should have affinity for Tamil, Tamil Nadu and our Country India. Vice Principal gave Vote Of Thanks along with he also congratulated all the students and Teachers who made the celebration a grand success.


DTEA SR SEC SCHOOL RKPuram celebrated World Book Day on 23rd of April. The program started with an introduction on how books inspire followed by a pledge lead by Ms. T.Geetha Librarian of the School regarding the role of Books in one’s life. Comparing was done by Kavya of Class XII B. Jeevika of XII C narrated a poem in Hindi on the importance of Books. Vanitha & Anupama of Class XII B shared inspirational Quotes about Books by famous personalities. Students of classes V to X performed a skit in Tamil on the theme “Joys of Reading and its benefits”. Blooming Buds of our School showcased a fancy dress competition on various cartoon characters of their choice. Preety of Class V shared her thoughts of a book in the form of an Autobiograpphy” in Tamil. Students of Class V sang a song on the collection of books in the library.
Drawing competition for classes VI to VIIi was held on various themes connected to World Book Day and students received prizes for their commendable art sense. Prizes were given by PT Teacher Mrs.Saroj Bhargava and TGT Tamil teacher Mrs. Rukmini Shankar of our school. Ms Geetha Librarian of the school thanked Principal for the support extended l in enriching the library collection with good books of childrens’ taste to seed reading habit in them.
Programme came to an end with the thought provoking words of Mrs.Chitra Vasagam, Principal of the school who stressed on cultivating reading habits from a young age and further said by reading books one can enhance once knowledge and communication skills. She further said that on their birthdays children should donate a book to someone needy. She praised Geetha Ma’am for her whole hearted involvement in developing reading habits in children.


On 21st of April , 2018 DTEA RKPURAM celebrated Earth Day with great enthusiasm on a theme of “Plastic Pollution” and to show how important is to keep our nature clean and safe. A speech was delivered in English and Tamil by Maanvi of class X B and Kavya of class IX A respectively. A quiz was conducted by Kavya and Sana of class XII B. Our Tiny Tots sang a beautiful song in English & Tamil, they also recited a poem.
This was followed by Prize Distribution for the ECO Club Competition which included activities such as debate, poster making and essay writing. Our principal Mrs.Chitra Vasagam shared her views on nature and informed students to go Plastic Free, not to waste papers and encouraged them to plant a sapling on their Birthday.


DTEA SR SEC SCHOOL RK Puram organized a one hour workshop on 17th of April, 2018 for Gender Sensitization training program for School boys and girls. With the help of NGO and professors of DU, the special Police unit for women and children has taken an initiative to sensitize school boys and girls on gender issues. Safety and security of women/girls in Delhi is the prime concern of Delhi Police and Special Unit for Women and Children.
Lawyer from Delhi High Court and a Delhi Police Officer visited our School and spoke to students on how they can bring change in their mind sets and contribute in uprooting gender stereotypes to built a fair and just society where women are free and joyful.


DTEA Sr Sec School R. K Puram celebrated Tamil New Year and Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar Jayanti on 13 April 2018 . Program began with a song in Tamil by the students of class VI praising the worlds oldest language Tamil. J Vishal of class IX B gave a speech in Tamil by highlighting the importance of Tamil New Year. It was followed by a Tamil song by the tiny tots . Vijay of class VIII gave an English speech about the significance of Tamil New Year . Inian, Jeevika and Kavya of classes VII, IX & XII gavea speech on Dr. Ambedkar in Tamil, Hindi and English respectively. A.S.Preety of class V dressed up as Dr. Ambedkar spoke on how courageously he fought for equality and justice and he was appointed as chairman of the drafting committee set up to write the Constitution of India.
Mr. Thangavelu, Vice Principal of the school highlighted the contribution and significance of the values of Veeramamunivar in developing Tamil language with the introduction of pulli i.e dot on maiezhuthu and E.V Ramaswamy & Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar in building native and culturally rich India.

Republic Day – the Nation’s Pride

Our school demonstrated high spirits of patriotism and enthusiasm on the celebration of the Nation’s 69th Republic Day on 25th Jan 2018. Subhatra of class VIII gave a wonderful speech on the auspicious day and Nitin of class VII recited a poem on patriotism.Students of class VIII sung a patriotic song which resonated the beats of VandeMathram. The Blooming buds of the Primary section choreographed their synchronised steps for a patriotic song. Few important features of Indian Constitution were shared by Anisha of class XI A and some famous words of the freedom fighters were quoted by KavyaSwamy&Vanitha K of class XI B. The Principal Mrs. Chitra Vasagam enlightened the students with her inspiring words on patriotism and unity.She also advised the students to be brave enough as the recipients of bravery awards who were bestowed with the awards on the prestigious celebration of the Republic day by the Honourable President of India.

National Girl Child Day

Our school celebrated National Girl Child’s day on 24th Jan 2018 to create awareness among the young generation about the fundamental rights of the girls - the prime requisite of the society. The tiny tots of our primary wing were aptly dressed up like famous women achievers in various fields. Keerthiga of class XI C introduced the theme of the year and spoke about the significance of the day. Karen &Jyoti of class IX spoke about few Government policies beneficial for girl children. A meaningful song on ‘Betibachao’ was sung melodiously by Tarunika of class VII.Archana of class XI A shared few Constitutional Rights given to Girls by the Indian Constitution. Priya Singh of class V had written a poem on ‘Women Empowerment’ and recited it with Amrita of class V.The Principal in her speech advised the students to respect girls and women.She also counselled the young minds to stop bullying but to be protective about girls and to give equal rights to them.

Netaji’s Birth Anniversary

NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose’s 121st birth anniversary was celebrated in our school on 23rd Jan 2018 with great patriotic fervour and a sense of remembrance.Khushi of class XI A delivered a speech on the life history of the leader and also conducted a quiz based on her speech. Naman Kumar of class V dressed up like the Netaji and quoted few celebrated lines of this revolutionary leader.Kavya of class II, Janani of class IV, Priya and Sita Rani of class V also quoted the famous words by the leader.Aditya of class IX B delivered a speech in Tamil.Our Principal Mrs.Chitra Vasagam also spoke on the revolutionary life lead by the leader and appreciated the efforts of the students.

Thiruvalluvar Day Celebration

Birth anniversary of the great legendary Tamil couplet poet IyyanThiruvalluvar was celebrated on 17th Jan 2018 with great zeal and zest as the poet occupies an inevitable position in the Tamil Literature and Culture for centuries together. Our Principal Mrs.ChitraVasagam garlanded the photo of the poet as a mark of tribute and a token of respect. Students of classes XI to VIII recited some Kurals and explained in English in a very comprehensive manner. A chapter of thirukural was composed and vocalised in a mesmerising tune by the middle class students. Ganesh of class VIII draw a beautiful portrait of the poet. A Tamil speech was delivered by Abhishek of class VII and Subhatra of class VIII recited 10 thirukural along with its meaning. Our Principal appreciated the efforts of the students and also spoke on the importance of these couplets in our day to life mentioning the chapters of Thirukural.

Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat

Our school celebrated ‘Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat’on 21st December to sensitise the students about the culture of Sikkim in the aim of making the young students to know about the varied and rich cultural heritage of India. The blooming buds of classes III & IV performed a dance on a melodious folklore of the state and were so beautifully dressed up in Sikkim’s attire. PriyankaBaloni,Khushi of class XI A and Swetha G, Vanitha K of class XI B delivered speeches and conducted Quiz highlighting the features of the state’s culture and tradition.The Principal Mrs.ChitraVasagamappreciated the efforts of the students and also glorified the beauty of Sikkim culture.

Annual Day celebration

DTEA Sr. Sec. School, R K Puram celebrated its Annual Prize distribution day on 25 th Nov. 2017, withgreat exuberance and enthusiasm. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Shri. SakthiPerumal, Vice President of Sakthi Group, New Delhi.The function was also graced with the presence of Guest of Honour Dr. Mrs. K. Latha from Ramanujam Collage &Shri. K.V.K. Perumal, Former Vice President of Tamil Sangam. DTEA Management headed by the President Shri. M. Sooriya Narayanan,Hony.Secretary Shri. R. Raju along with all the office bearers hosted the function.DTEA R.K. Puram’sJt. Sec.Mr. William Raj. The GB member Mr. Paramasivam, PTA president Mr. M.Suresh Kumar, PTA SecretaryMr. V.Kannan and other PTA members were also joined the elite group of hosts.
The function commenced ceremoniously with the lighting of the lamp by the esteemed Chief Guest,Guest of Honour, President DTEA Mr.M Sooriya Narayanan, Vice President DTEA Mr. R. Mani,Hony Sec Mr. R. Raju along with our Principal Mrs. ChitraVasagam. A prayer song then followed to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. DTEA President Mr. M. Sooriya Narayanan delivered the welcome speech. The Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour were also shared the words of wisdom and spoke about the importance of education and advised the students to be idealistic.
A Short movie was presented on ‘the achievements of DTEA Management’ and was prepared by a team of teachers- Mrs. M. Nandini, Mr. Elanchozhan, Mrs. Parvathy G. & Mrs. Sujatha. Our Hony Secretary Mr. R. Raju also spoke about the achievements and developments done in the school. The Meritorious students for the academic year 2016-17 were given away with prizes and certificates. Then followed a spectrum of colourful cultural items on the theme ‘Pace towards’ with a welcome dance, Folk dances, Dance Dramas depicting Pace towards Happiness, Pollution, Child Labour, Women Empowerment,Culture & Education.The cultural programme was compered and announced by the students from classes V, IX and XII under the mentoring and grooming of teachers. The programme ended with a Vote of Thanks proposed by Vice Principal Mr. A. Thangavel followed by grand finale and National Anthem.


Our School celebrated World Human Right Day on 8/12/2017 as 10/12/2017 will be a Sunday.Rekha of class XII C did the anchoring. The programme began with a speech in Tamil by Telma of class X A.It was followed by a poem recitation along with display & flash cards on human rights by Primary Students.
Then Deepika of XI A shared some of the important Human Rights sanctioned by U.N. Our School Principal Mrs.Chitra Vasagam also shared her views and enlightened the children by saying , we should never misuse our rights & one’s right should never encroach upon other person’s rights.

Hindi Diwas Celebration

Our school gracefully celebrated Hindi Diwas on 14th September as to promote and propagate the Hindi language. Its importance is demonstrated by events,competitions held on this day.A beautiful speech on Hindi Language was narrated by Itika Singh from Class XII A. Khushi of class VII recited a poem. Primary Students performed dance. Sanika of class IX spoke about the context “BETI BACHAO BETI PADAO” very beautifully. Our beloved Principal Mrs.ChitraVasagam and our Academic Director Mrs.V.Mythili spoke in Hindi and appreciated students for their performance and wished them luck.


Teacher’s Day at DTEA RK Puam was celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The day started with giving a tribute to Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. “A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself the way for others.”.Students took great effort and ensured that the teachers enjoy every minute of their day. The performance of each student on stage were memorable one. Thoufeeq, Suvisha,and PreetiNegi of class XII were the comparer for the day. Shifali from class X recited a Hindi Poem about Teachers. Primary students performed a skit presenting a message about Class & Recess. A Classical dance was performed by Ruchika of Class IX. Taniya&Biji of Class IX B recited a poem in English, Ravina of class XII A delivered a speech in Tamil about Why Teacher’s Day is celebrated and also the students from VI to VIII sung a song. In the 1sthalf of the day, Students of Class XII dressed up like teachers and took classes and in the 2nd half fun activities were conducted in primary sections.


Our Schoolcelebrated the birth anniversary of the former Indian hockey team Captain Major Dyan Chand as National Sports Day. Abhishek of class XII- B took the school back into history, as he narrated the achievements of this veteran player. He rightly pointed out that today's children should learn values like team spirit and fairness from such great players. Also a poem in Hindi was narrated by Shifali of class X B. Students also performed varieties of sports like yoga, Boxing, Karate, Gymnastics, on the stage. Then the school conducted Volleyball Competition for students. The match was interestingly played by the students. Our Principal Mrs.ChitraVasagam spoke few words ,how students should be active & also the importance of Sports in everyone’s life especially students.

Independence day

71st Independence Day was celebrated on 14-08-2017 in DTEA Sr. Sec. School, R. K. Puram with all its fervor and patriotic spirit to commemorate and salute the martyrs.Students and teachers worked together enthusiastically to make the celebration a great event. The program began with school prayer followed by welcome speech by Mrs.M Nandini and then a bouquet was presented as a token of love to the chief guest of the day Mr. Raghavan Naidu.Our Joint Secretary Mr.William, PTA Secretary Mr. Kannan and the PTA members were also the part of our celebration. The National flag was unfurled, saluted and then all stood for the National pledge.The chief guest gave his views on the Independence Day and its significance in the life of the students. Inspirational speeches, Poems, group songs, dance and skits where presented by the students from all classes.
Our Beloved Principal Mrs. Chitra Vasagam spoke on how students can take India ahead by focusing on their studies.Our Academic director Mrs. V Mythili explained to the students her views on students are nation builders. Finally the program was concluded with the vote of thanks by Mr.A.Thangavelu, Vice Principal.

Tagore’s Birth Anniversary Celebrated

Our school celebrated the 156th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore who was fondly remembered as KabiGuru & a Bengali Polymath who reshaped Bengali literature and music, as well as Indian Art with contextual modernism was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 6th May 2017. Sanskar of Class IX recited a Hindi Poem of the Poet. A small Speech in English about Tagore’s Life History was given by S.Kavya of Class VIII A. Class V students had conducted a small Quiz Competition on the Topic of Tagore’s Life. Our Principal Mrs. Chitra Vasagam gave valuable information about the Great Legendary Poet and also appreciated the students for their participation in the programme. The Celebration ended with Our National Anthem by giving tribute to the legend Rabindranath Tagore.

Birth Anniversary Of Paavendar Bharadidasan

The 126th birth anniversary of Kanakasabai Subburathinam who was a legendary Tamil Poet & well known as Paavendar Bharathidasan was celebrated with great pump and show on 29th April 2017. Students from classes VI to VIII recited the poems of the poet while the students from classes IX to XII staged a skit glorifying his poetic style and some glimpse of his life. His devotion towards another Tamil literacy Subramaniya Bharati is exposed by students in their speech.
Students of Class VI,VII and VIII performed a dance for his lyrics “Sanke Muzhangu which was really appreciated by all. The Chief Guest of the function Mrs.Dr Bhagyavathi Shankaralingam thoroughly enjoyed the function and appreciated the students. She also gave away the prizes to the meritorious primary students who took part in the recitation competition Bharathidasan Kavidaigal.
The President Mr.Sooriya Narayanan, Secretary Mr.R.Raju, PTA office bearers and members, Principal Mrs Chitra Vasagam and Vice Principal Mr.A.Thangavel appreciated the efforts of the students.

World Book Day Celebration

DTEA RK Puram started 10 day celebrations on World Book Day from 20th April 2017 by conducting various competition for classes V to X. The theme for class V was a fancy dress display on their favorite cartoon or mythological characters. For Class VI & VII- drawing competition on My Dream Library. For Classes VIII, IX & X Book mark designing with Quotes. Prizes were awarded to the winners.
A Grand Function was celebrated on 23/4/2017 to commemorate the “World Book Day” and “Earth Day”. Students spoke on the Importance of Reading. Poems were recited and a Skit was performed on the same. Students were informed about the trending books.Poster Making competition were conducted for various classes on The Conservation Of Environment.
Vice Principal Mr.A.Thangavel proposed the vote of thanks & congratulated the students for their participation.

Holiday Home Work 2017-2018
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Class I
Class II
Class III
Class IV
Class V
Class VI
Class VII
Class VIII
Class IX
Class X
Class XII
Class XII Political Science


DTEA Sr Sec School R K P arranged a grand farewell function to honor the Principal Mrs V Mythili who retired on 28th February after rendering nearly four decades of meritorious service to the DTEA schools.The President DTEA,Secretary PTA RKP,PTA members, Principals and staff members from other branches of DTEA,Retired Principals and Vice Principals graced the occasion. The President DTEA and other distinguished guests in their speech highlighted the dedicated services rendered by Mrs Mythili to the DTEA schools. In her farewell address Mrs Mythili recalled her earlier days as a student of the first batch of the school in 1964 and her long, valuable association with the school in various capacities.She also thanked the management of DTEA, the PTA and the staff for their whole hearted support and cooperation during her tenure and wished the students success in future.

Annual Day Celebration

DTEA Sr Sec School RK Puram celebrated its Annual Day on 19th February 2017 with great exuberance.
The Chief Guest on the occasion was SVR VK Vasan, CEO Abhirami Mega Mall of Chennai. The Programme commenced with a short prayersung by the choir group of our school followed by the auspicious lighting of the Lamp by the esteemed Chief Guest, President Mr.M.SooriyaNarayanan, Vice President Mr R.Mani, Secretary Mr.R.Raju, and Our Respected Principal Mrs V.Mythili.
Followed by Welcome Speech and introduction of our Chief Guest by our Vice Principal Mr.A.Thangavel.Respected Principal Mrs.V.Mythili presented the Annual Report highlighting the achievements of the School and students.
Documentary on “Journey of DTEA RK Puram -50 years”, “Achievements of DTEA Management” & “Glimpses from the Life of our Principal Mrs. V.Mythili” was shown and prepared by Mr.Elanchozen, Mrs.Rajashree & Mrs.Parvathy.G.
A small speech was presented by our Honorable Chief Guest SVR VK Vasan. Followed by the prize distribution for the excellence of our students in academics & sports for the year 2014-15 & 2015-16.
Then the show began with a Welcome Dance followed by Skit, Folk Dance, Cinematic Dance on the theme of “United We Can”.The entire programme was planned and conducted by the students under the mentoring and grooming of teachers.
The Programme ended by a vote of thanks by Mr.A Thangavel(Vice Principal),Grand Finale and National Anthem.


The 68th Republic Day celebrated with great vigour and zeal in our school on 25th of January 2017 to commemorate the coming of its own constitution into force. The teachers and students took an oath to abide by our constitution and serve our nation. This was followed by a speech in English by Preeti Negi (XIA), a patriotic poem in Hindi by Ankit (XIB), a self-composed poem by Rahul Raj (IXB), a Hindi song by Ishika and Subhadra and a Tamil song by Shobhna and Tarunika. Our tiny tots presented a beautiful dance signifying the integration and secular nature of our constitution. Our principal Mrs. V Mythili in her address emphasized on duties towards nation than our rights and to live in unity and harmony.


Inaugration of week long celebration to mark the birth anniversary of mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan was done by the senior lecturer Mrs.Lata of Ramanujan College.In her address she explained the importance and usage of Mathematics in other subjects and guided the students for their career.She was falicitated by the principal.
Table song was presented by primary children,poster making competition was held among students of class VI-IX. Quiz and origami competition was conducted smoothly by Mathematics Department with the assistance of senior students of XI B and C among the students of class VI-VIII.
On 22nd December a skit was presented by VIIA students relating Maths to different fields of practical life. Senior PGT Mr. A. Thangavelspoke briefly on life history of Srinivasa Ramanujan,highlighting his deep interest in Maths.
The principal Mrs. Mythili in her speech briefed the students on the inspiration students can derive from the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan who inspite of extremely challenging economic conditions became a world renowned mathematician.She urged the students to develop interest in Mathematics, which is the base of human life and is used in all walks of life.


Children’s Day and Education Day was celebrated with great spirit at DTEA. R.K. Puram on 11th November 2016 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, independent India’s first Prime Minister and the first education minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. The chief guest was Dr. Lata a senior lecturer of Ramanujan college and alumni of DTEA.R.K.Puram.The day began with a special assembly by paying a rich tribute to these leaders followed by various speeches.Students of primary section presented a beautiful song and enacted as a leaders through fancy dress.Secondary and senior secondary students presented a skit on the importance of literacy.A classical dance was performed by a girl of class VII.Various activities for the student’s were organized by the teacher,such as painting,slogan writing,story telling,debates,poem writing,poem recitation,calligraphy,clay modelling, quick model making,science quiz,rangoli and so on.
The chief guest Mrs. Lata addressed the students and focused on the importance of education in general and women’s education in particular.The principal briefed the life of Chacha Nehru and his achievement in the field of politics.She also emphasized on how to raise the quality of education to great heights.
About 400 students participated in various activities and winners were awarded with prize.


DTEA Senior Secondary School, R.K.Puram took pride in presenting the 51st Youth Parliament, conducted by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs on 27th August,2016.

The session that held the audience spell bound for around 56minutes was appreciated by the members of the jury comprising of Sh. R.C. Mohanty , Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Parliament Affairs, Sh.Briten Sengupta former, MP Rajya Saha and Madam Juhi Aggrawal, Deputy Director of Education, Zone – 19.

The members of the jury had a word of praise for the Management of DTEA headed by the president Sh. Sooriya Narayanan and Hony. Secretary Sh. R.Raju for their interest and active support. They also lauded the 53 students for their articulate speech and outstanding performance, the teacher incharge Political Science Sh.Deepak Kukreja for his meticulous work and painstaking efforts in presenting the program and principal Mrs. V.Mythili for her coordination skills.

Mrs. V. Mythili proposed the vote of thanks.


The Independence Day was celebrated with fervent zeal and patriotism in our school Premises.The chief guests Mr.Rajeshwar Shashtri (1981 batch) and Mr. Srinivas Kotni (1990 batch) alumni of DTEA R.K.Puram , unfurled tricolor flag alongside our principal Mrs. V. Mythili . PTA Executive members graced the function. Our cute primary children enacted as national leaders through fancy dress, Tamil song- Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram was sung, Speeches in three languages, Poem recitation, Carnatic song of Bharathiyar and play in Tamil was presented to show the real meaning of freedom. The celebrations ended with prize distribution ceremony. Winners of a painting competition held in school were awarded prizes.


The DTEA academic fest 2016 was organized on 6th August in all DTEA Schools. Mrs.Indu Bala inaugurated the exhibition in our School. The focus was to enhance the critical thinking, Problem Solving skills and develop skills such as oral – communication, research team work, planning etc. as learning outcome. Students of all classes exhibited their latent talent through presentation, role play, model, chart, games and sport. More than 600 students participated enthusiastically in various activities. Audience was enthralled by the spectacular act presented by students in English and Maths which was related to real life situation.


Happy move camp was organized by FSL-HYUNDAI Company for three days (From 18th July to 20th July 2016) in our School. Their theme was ‘Save Heritage and save our Environment’. During this period they conducted various activities for our children (Class IV and V) like mono act, paper folding, picture identification and musical dance. Last day they conducted a drawing competition and first three winners were awarded. They exhibited their talent in the field of Marshal Art, Traditional music, Song and dances. They also decorated our School walls with beautiful paintings. It presented a good example of intermingling of different cultures .

DTEA RKPURAM bags Twin Honors in Youth Parliament

50th Youth Parliament Competition conducted by the Ministry Of Parliamentary Affairs New Delhi has been etched in Golden letters in the annals of the school history as the declaration of the coveted honors came as a pleasant surprise coinciding with the school completing 50 years of its glorious existence.
The Youth Parliament Competition aims to acquaint the students with Parliamentary practices and procedures, the skills of debate and discussion and righteous expression of views. Moreover it builds democratic ethos among the younger generation.
The first round of the competition was held on 6th August 2015. 62 students from classes IX to XII participated and competed with 36 schools. They put up an excellent performance holding the audience spell bound for nearly 50 minutes. Sri Briten Sen Gupta Ex M.P(Rajya Sabha), Ms. Romi Johri from the Directorate of Education and Mr. R.C Mohanty the Deputy Secretary (Ministry Of Parliamentary Affairs) were among the judges.G.Srinidhi(the Speaker) and Prachi were declared First , Pragya, Sonal and Mukul won the Second Position and Rochel, Mohamad Thoufeeq and Megha were declared third in the individual category.
Qualifying the first round DTEA RKPuram was placed among the top four schools out of the 36 schools. The short sitting of Youth Parliament of the best four schools was held on 28th October at the Balyogi Auditorium in the Parliament Library Annex. DTEA RK Puram was adjudged the winner among the new entrants in the Delhi Region.It also won the merit trophy for securing the third position among the participating schools in Delhi.
Members of the DTEA management and PTA of the school expressed their appreciation by awarding special prizes to all the participants in the morning assembly and congratulated the winning team for achieving the twin honors. The teacher in charge Mr.Deepak Kukreja(PGT Pol.Science) said that he was overwhelmed by the awards and that he would strive further to excel in all future endeavors. The Principal Mrs. V.Mythili thanked the management for their support and co-operation and said that it was the dedicated, sincere and untiring efforts of Mr. Kukreja and his team that won laurels for the school.

World Nature Day and World Animal Day

World Nature Day and World Animal Day are celebrated on 3rdoct and 4thoct respectively to promote awareness of and understanding about the need to protect, manage and enhance nature.
DTEA Sr.Sec.School RKPuram today celebrated this day with the active involvement of students and teachers to sensitize children towards the need to preserve our nature and to show love towards animals. The programme began with a thought provoking speech in English by BhuvikaBatra of XI-C. It was followed by a musical act to show that even animals enjoy the music of nature. For this a beautiful synchronization of music by Aditya of VII B, flying butterfly being played by Jessica of class V and mesmerized animals being played by the primary and middle wing of the school was set up. MukulPandey of XI A gave an inspiring speech in Hindi with suggestions to ensure sustainable development without harming the nature.Yamini of XI Arecited a meaningful poem in Hindi describing the ‘inhuman acts of humans on nature’.
The programme came to an end with a speech by the Principal of the school Mrs. V. Mythili. She spoke on the beauty of the earth where in man, nature and the animal world lived in peace and harmony. She also narrated a story from nature- the relationship shared between a boy and the tree where in the tree turned out to be an adventure, delight, inspiration, home, a teacher, a companion and a great solace.She emphasized the need to respect, preserve and love nature by growing and taking care of trees. She triggered the minds of students to think on ‘Why do we need to conserve plant and animal life by stating the fact that nature and animals don’t trouble us unless we trouble them.

International Senior Citizens’ Day and Gandhi Jayanti

International Senior Citizen’s Day was observed at DTEA Sr. Sec. School, R.K.Puram with the students taking a pledge during the morning assembly to love, care respect and serve the elderly.
To mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi which falls on Oct 2nd the school today organized a programmewith the tiny tots singing the devotional song Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram followed by a Tamil poem.Students of class VII to X performed a Tamil skit on Gandhiji, depicting his life in South Africa. Srinidhi of class XII and Afreen Nihar of X rendered Gandhiji’s favourite song Vaishnava Janato, Simran of classXII recited a poem in Hindi followed by a poem in English by Stella of class XII. Mukul Pandey of class XI highlighted the teachings of Gandhiji . Compering was done by Srinidhi of class XII.
The programme concluded with a speech by the schoolPrincipal Mrs. V.Mythili who emphasized on the four qualities out of the innumerable qualities of Gandhiji which one should embrace as students in their walk of lifenamely the qualities of- speaking truth, adopting non-violence, valuing time and having clean mind &keeping the surrounding clean in tune with today’s Swach Bharat Abhiyan.


The UN General Assembly declared 16th September as World Ozone Day in 1994. The day is mainly intended to spread awareness of the depletion of the Ozone Layer and search for solutions to preserve it.
World Ozone day was celebrated in DTEA.Sr.Sec.School,R.K.Puram by organizing a special assembly. A speech on the day was given by Sarat kumar of class IX- B. Then the Vice Principal of the school Mrs. Eshwari suggested small little measures which can be adopted by the students in preserving the ozone layer.
Mrs. Rukmani ShankarTGT Tamil, gave a brief outline of the life history and achievements of EV Ramasamy. She quoted instances from Periyar’s life to enable the students to learn to be inquisitive. Also he ignited other minds to think and question by startingthe ‘Self Respect Movement’ and ‘Women Empowerment Mission’.
Finally the Principal of the school Mrs. V.Mythili threw some light on the political contribution of Periyar- the formation of Dravida Kazhakam. She concluded her speech with a precious moral lesson “ Lets all respect others and earn respect from others” & “ Be united as we all belong to one caste, one region and one race i.e. humanity”.

Science Exhibition

DTEA Sr.Sec. School, R.K.Puram participated in Zonal level science exhibition2015-16 with the main theme: Science and Mathematics for inclusive development, held at SKV No. 1, Sarojini Nagar on 8th and 9th September 2015.It is a matter of great honour for the school that all the three exhibits were selected for the Centre Level Science Exhibition 2015-16.
1. The exhibit titled ‘ A War of deadly diseases Vs Majestic Nature’G.Srinidhi of class XII-B and Praseeda .S of class XI-B underthe guidance of Ms. A selvi, Lecturer (Biology) won the First position in the sub theme “Health and Nutrition”
2.A working model of ‘Conversion of small town into Hi-tech city’ prepared by Md. Yaseen and Anurag of class XII-B under the sub theme of‘Resource Management’ and the model ‘Innovative By- Products of Sugarcane’ under the Sub theme “ Industry” prepared by Megha and Prachi of class XII- B were adjudged the best in the respective sub themes. Both the models were prepared under theable guidance of Ms. Poonam Ahlawat, Lecturer (Physics).
Shri. Ashutosh Ghosh, Dy. Director of Education(Science) and Smt. Juhi Aggarwal, DDE, Zone 19 had a word of praise for the sincere efforts of the teachers andthe wholehearted participation of students.
The prize winners received the appreciation from DTEA President Mr. M. Suriya Narayanan, DTEA Secretary Mr. R. Raju and Mrs. V. Mythili, Principal, DTEA, RKPuram.

Teacher's Day Celebrations

Teachers day was celebrated on 4th September 2015 in DTEA, R.K.Puram with verve & enthusiasm. Secretary DTEA (Regd.) Sh.R.Raju, President Shri.MSooryanarayanan& PTA Secretary, Sh.Kannan attended the function.
The programme started with a prayer followed by a Tamil poem by Sughasini of XII – C, Tamil speech by Vagula of XII – A, Hindi Poem by Sonika of class X, English speech by Divya of Class XII - C, dance by Karthik, Suresh &Dinesh of Class XII – A. The activities ended with an interactive riddle session. Compering was done by Srinidhi&Ramya of class XII – B & C respectively.
Sh.M.Sooryanarayanan, President, DTEA spoke on the role of teachers as guide & models. Principal Mrs. V.Mythili, in her address read out the message sent by Sh. R. Raju, Secretary wishing teachers on the happy occasion. She also spoke on the crucial role that teachers play in the life of each child, for teachers. with their talent, efficiency, affection, competence, honesty, eloquence & resourcefulness create and nurture a personality in each child having qualities of tolerance, appreciation caring attitude, helpful nature, enthusiasm which are the ultimate reward for a teacher. She ended her speech with a quote from “Within My Power”

One hundred years from now
It would not matter
What kind of car I drove
what kind of house I lived in
How much money I had in the bank
Nor what my clothes look like
But The world may be alittle better
Because I was important
In the life of a child

After this Programme, the live telecast of Prime Minister’s Speech was watched by all the students with rapt attention. They also saw the President Playing the role of a teacher by teaching the students of Dr Rajendra Prasad SarvodayaVidyalayaat RashtrapatiBhavan.

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated across the country on 14th September every year to remember the historic occasion when Hindias written in Devanagari script was approved as the official language by the constituent Assembly of India on 14th September in the year 1949.
This day was celebrated in DTEA, Sr. Sec.School, R.K.Puram by organizing a special assembly where students of classes IIIrd and IVth sang a song describing the great diversity of India. Then the principal of the school, Mrs. V.Mythili spoke on the significance of the adoption of the three language formula by the government of India. She also spoke on how important it is to speak
1. Hindi- the official language of India
2. English- the medium of instruction and
3. Tamil
…to retain and nurture our linguistic diversity and survive in the present competitive world.

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is celebrated on 8th September as declared by the UN in 1965.This day is used as a tool to encourage marginalized communities to equip themselves with the skill to create a better life.
The celebration at D.T.E.A., Sr,Sec,School, R.K.Puram began with school prayer followed by aTamil story narrated by Subhashini of class XI-A to highlight the importance of education and literacy. Eight students of class V sang a Tamil song on the value of education.Students from classes VI &VII performed a meaningful skit titled “Padhega India Tabhi to Badhega India” which means that India will grow only when its people are literate. The skit clarified the meaning of literacy while highlighting the measures taken by the government in the form of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and Mid Day Meal to encourage students to attend school.The function concluded with an address byPrincipal of the school Mrs. V.Mythili on the role of school and teachers in making every child literate. She also stated that every literate person is an asset to the family, Society and to the nation.

SadhBhavana Divas

DTEA RKPuram celebrated the SadhBhavana Divas on 20th August 2015 during the morning assembly in the presence of Shri V. Kannan, Secretary, PTA DTEA, RKPuram.
Promoting national integrity, love and affection beyond the feelings of caste, colour or creed a group of students from class VII to X enacted the Tamil script, which was followed by an English speech by G. Sweta of class IX, a group song by the tiny tots and Shefali of class VIII recited the Hindi poem.
P. Dharini of class IX led the school by taking the SadhBhavana Pledge.
Principal Mrs. V. Mythili in her address spoke on peace, harmony and oneness in the country and in the nation as a whole.

Independence Day Celebration

On the Eve of the 69th Independence Day celebration President DTEA Shri. M. Suriya Narayanan, unfurled the national flag in the presence of Shri. R. Raju, Secretary, DTEA (Regd.),Shri. P. Paramasivam, Jt. Secretary , DTEA R.K. Puram, PTA President Shri. M. Suresh kumar,and PTA Secretary Shri. V. Kannan. This was followed by a programme that included a colourful fancy dress by the tiny tots, followed by speech in English by Ramya of class XII, a group dance and a speech in Tamil by Arun of class X. The highlight of the programme was the mime show depicting unity in diversity. Mrs. V. Mythili, Principal DTEA R.K.Puram gave a speech on the significance of the tricolour flag.


New Delhi
6 August 2015
D.T.E.A. Senior Secondary School, R.K.Puram participated in the 50th Youth Parliament Competition organized by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. The program was held at Delhi Tamil Sangam, R.K Puram.The aim of the Youth Parliament is to inculcate the spirit of self-discipline, tolerance of diverse opinion and leadership quality among the younger generation.The program began with prayerand lighting of the lampby Mr. Sooriya Narayanan, President, D.T.E.A;Shri R. Raju, Secretary D.T.E.A, and the judges. This was followed by welcome address by the President. 62 students from classes 9th to 12th participated in the Youth Parliament exhibiting their talent and enthusiasm which appeared similar to a Parliament in Session under the able guidance of the teacher in charge Mr. Deepak Kukreja and the teacher coordinator Mrs. MahaBharti .N.The team of judges comprising of ShriBratinSen Gupta, former M.P of RajyaSabha, Shri R.C. MohantyDepy Secretary, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Shri P.K Halder under Secretary Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Mrs. SumeetaBehl, Deputy Director Zone 19, Directorate of Education and Mrs. KamleshTihori lauded the performance of the students and appreciated the efforts of the school and the support of the management in making the programme a grand success. Eight students were awarded prizes for outstanding performance.

Homage to the Missile Man

Floral tribute and homage were paid to the great visionary Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam by the D.T.E.A President Shri M. Sooriya Narayanan and Shri R. Raju, Hony. Secretary, D.T.E.A on 30th July 2015 in the school's morning assembly. As a mark of respect the staffs and students observed a two minute silence.

Kamarajar Birthday Celebration

Kamarajar's Birth Anniversary was observed on 15th July 2015. The programme included a song by the primary students followed by Tamil speech by Vagula of class XII highlighting his simplicity as a way of life. The Principal in her address spoke eloquently on Kamarajar's greatness, simplicity and populist measures such as free education, mid-day meal and primary health care for which he was honoured with the highest civilian award the Bharat Ratna.

World Population Day Celebration

The 26th world population Day which falls on the 11th of July was celebrated in our school with the theme of 2015 being “Vulnerable population in emergencies, protecting a women’s life is a priority in any circumstances at all times.” Our students enthusiastically took part in it by displaying various posters, narrating the facts of India’s population in particular and world’s population in general. Debate on India’s population as asset or liability and quiz program on population were also conducted.

Workshop on Meditation, Yoga and 100% achievement

Three day workshop on the following topics were conducted in the school for the benefit of the teachers after the school reopened for teachers on 27th June 2015.
27-06-2015: ‘Art of living ‘by Shri. Raj Kishore shah
29-06-2015: ‘Sky yoga’ ( Manavalakalai) by Prof. Parameshwaran
30-06-2015: Motivational talk on ‘Stress free life with 100% responsibility’ by Mrs. Geetha Norohna
The teachers found the workshop refreshing, motivational and useful after the long summer break. Prof. Parameshwaran offered suggestions to control and manage anger in the classroom and gave useful tips for a quality life. Mr. Raj Kishore shah in his speech highlighted the importance of being patient with slow learners and requested the teachers to have a positive approach towards children to ensure better learning. Mrs Geetha Noronha requested the teachers to use the present situation to the best of their ability without worrying about the past and fear of the future.