Morning Assembly

The students of DTEA Sr. Sec. School, R.K. Puram are given every opportunity to showcase their talents in the morning assembly. Our assembly provides ample chances to the students to bring out the latent talents. Besides an inspirational and instructive Thought for the Day, Word for the Day is also introduced, which is a novel method of building the vocabulary of the pupils. Everyday a new word is read along with the right spelling, pronunciation and its usage. Wednesday Moral Lectures by the teachers are yet another attraction of our assembly. Words of Inspiration also deserves appreciation. Inspirational words of famous people and from their writings are read by the senior students. Aaj Ka Vichar and Dinam Oru Kural are other highlights of the assembly. Wise and witty thoughts and the prophetic couplets of Thiruvalluvar keep illuminating, inspiring and igniting the young minds.