The school has a computer lab which consists of 22 computers which are accessible for students. Department has qualified committed teachers to teach different classes at different levels. Faculty make continuous efforts to see that the students get expertise in practical implementation of tools they have in their curriculam.


For a better protection of students and staff members our school has installed 48 CCTV cameras in all the classes, labs, playground, library. In order to make the students to feel safe.


It is a room where children can come in small groups and experience activites, interaction and any other planned activities. We have Games, Arts/Crafts, and story sacks. We feel its very important for children to experience small group work, individual and large group work so that every child gets an opportunity.


Our School maintain reasonable well stocked libraries, housed and spacious room. There are more than 4000 books from diverse fields related both to curriculam and outside. A large number of dailes, weeklies, periodicals and journals subscribed on a regular basis.


An Audio Visual room is set up for conferences,lectures,workshops, educational film shows, power point presentation and student teachers orientation programmes. Our students take classes and work on projects through AV classes. Students are motivated to prepare PPT presentation and motion pictures.


Solar energy and reduced energy consumption can save schools substantial amounts and will not harm the health of the students in lower, efficient utility use means fewer harmful particles in classroom air, less strain on natural resources. Our school has provided this technology for electric power by installing 10 KV Solar Power Plant.


Little students are prone to waterborne diseases. By having a water purifier in your school, you eliminate the chances of any waterborne disease.The pipe of your school’s water supply might be rusted or corrugated. If you have an advanced water purifier in your school, you do not need to worry about anything. Your student will drink pure and safe water always.The water processed by an advanced water purifier has a great taste. So the students drink more water in your school, which keeps them hydrated.


School has provided an Announcement system through which the HOS(Principal) can convey the messages to students and to the staff members.


Our school provides an easy way of communicating service through SMS from School to parents by intimating attendance of students, examinations,test result announcement,and special announcements.


Time and attendance solution, Institute can enjoy the benefits of an automated employee time tracking system with the added convenience and security of biometric (fingerprint/RFID Card) authentication.


School playground provides a safe outdoors environment within the school that stimulates children to use their creative energy in healthy interactions with one another.Our School provides large playground for outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton and volleyball. there is a separate space for indoor games which consists of brain development games. We also have a separate play area for primary students with slides, swings etc which has been fenced so that it will be safe for the blooming buds.